44000 found ineligible for unemployment allowance
44000 found ineligible for unemployment allowance

The Andhra Pradesh Government has begun unveiling the plan to give unemployment allowance to the people without jobs. As part of this the eligible would be given rs 1000 per month. For the ineligible (those who are above the maximum prescribed age limit, the government will impart skill training and provide loans from the respective caste corporations so that they can take up some business or the other. 

The total number of eligible persons in the district is 27000,while those found ineligible are 44000. The Government is also trying to find out the names of the unregistered unemployed in the district so that they too could be provided with the Government largesse.

The pension would be provided from the month of October. The unemployment allowance is one of the pre-election promise of the Telugu Desam Party.

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