Train robberies drop by 30% in Vijayawada division

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 25,2018 , 02:45 AM IST

Divisional Security Commissioner RPF S R Gandhi addressing media conference at SMR office, in Vijayawada Railway Station on Monday
Vijayawada: Railway Protection Force (RPF) Senior Vijayawada Divisional Security Commissioner S R Gandhi on Monday said the RPF of Vijayawada division is taking adequate security measures to ensure protection to the lives and property of train passengers travelling during nights via Vijayawada railway station. 

Gandhi said the RPF is sending escort teams consisting four personnel in each train in various directions in Vijayawada railway division.  Addressing media at Vijayawada Railway Station, Gandhi said the number of robberies in trains declined 30 per cent this year compared to previous year due to increased vigil in trains and railway stations. 

He said 240 cases of train robberies in Vijayawada railway division were booked from January to August 2018 compared to 350 theft cases registered for the same period last year in Vijayawada division. 

Gandhi said 34 theft cases took place in various railway stations from January to August 2018 as against 41 cases of robberies registered in railway stations for the same period in 2017.  

Gandhi said the RPF working in coordination with Government Railway Police (GRP), has recovered property worth Rs 3.59 crore from January to August 2018 by arresting 65 accused persons including two notorious inter-state criminal gangs. He said the RPF and GRP recovered property worth only Rs.24.67 lakh by arresting 38 persons for the same period in 2017. 

He said the RPF was giving utmost priority to the lives and property of the passengers and sending escort teams in 60 trains travelling during the nights via Vijayawada railway station. He said the RPF is also working in coordination with the GRP to prevent crimes and ensure safety of train passengers at railway stations. 

He said passengers can avail the services of RPF by calling the tollfree helpline 182 to get assistance in case of emergency. Referring to CC cameras at Vijayawada railway station, he said so far, 54 CC cameras were installed at various locations in Vijayawada railway and proposals have been made to install another 150 CC cameras to step up vigil at the entry and exit points and other places in Railway station.

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