3.32 lakh farmers affected by Titli cyclone
3.32 lakh farmers affected by Titli cyclone

-First time more number of farmers affected

Srikakulam: Total 3.32 lakh farmers are affected by recent Titli cyclone which makes its land at a coastal village in Vajrapulotturu mandal. Unlike other cyclones previously this time Titli causes heavy loss to farm sector and more number of farmers were affected in the district. Due to cyclone paddy crop damaged in an extent of 1.03 lakh hectares in all 25 mandals out of the total 38 mandals in the district. Cotton, sugarcane, maize and other crops damaged in an extent of another 2,000 hectares. 

Total affected farmers are 2, 12, 006 who lost their paddy, maize, cotton, sugarcane and other agricultural crops due to cyclone. This time Titli cyclone caused huge damage to agricultural crops and more farmers affected than any other cyclones previously said joint director for agriculture, PDV Ratnakumar.

Coming to horticulture crops like coconut, cashew and mango damaged in an extent of 36,000 hectares in all mandals and particularly in Uddanam area. Total affected farmers are enumerated as 1, 19, 990 regarding horticulture crops. In both agriculture and horticulture crops total 3.32 lakh farmers are affected due to cyclone in the district. Total loss was estimated in terms of money for agriculture crops as Rs 205.20 crore and horticulture crops as Rs 262.17 crore. Even during Phailin and HudHud cyclones such a huge number of farmers were not affected when compare with Titli cyclone.

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