A shopping mall in Guntur city witnessed huge rush of customers on the occasion of Sankranthi festival.
A shopping mall in Guntur city witnessed huge rush of customers on the occasion of Sankranthi festival.

Guntur: Despite severe drought and cyclones in the district, hectic business activity is taking place in Guntur as buyers thronged shops for purchasing new clothes and jewellery and electronic goods for the Sankranthi festival.

Many customers seen in shopping malls purchasing new clothes, jewellery and electronic goods for the last few days. Customers rush is continuing since Christmas.

Cloth and readymade garments shops business increased this year compared to last year. Shopping malls are offering discounts upto 25 per cent on the new clothes to attract the customers and displayed new models also besides setting up separate counters for women.

Several finance companies are also offering finance to employees of middleclass families to purchase clothes for their family members which can be repaid in monthly installments. The finance companies also set up counters in the shopping malls.

Shopping malls managers are saying that due to increase in demand, they could meet their set targets. South India Shopping Mall manager in Guntur G Anil Kumar said, "Our business increased compared to last year.

Demand for garments increased more than 10 per cent. There is no impact of drought and cyclone, demonetisation and the GST on our business.  Instead of conducting draws, and giving prizes to winners, we are offering discounts to the consumers."  

A big shopping mall manager on condition of anonymity said, "There is no impact of GST, demonetisation, drought and cyclones on jewellery. Shopping malls and jewellery shops increased in the city. Earlier, consumers from Darsi, Podili, Prakasam and Nellore districts are coming to Guntur to purchase clothes and jewellery.

Now, shopping malls were set up in Prakasam and Nellore districts also. Once a gold ornament is purchased, there is no need to replace it within few months. We are displaying new models, offering discounts to improve business. Demand is increased for jewellery in Krishna, Godavari and Vizag districts." 

Vijaya Digital manager (Electronic Super Store) M V Satyam said, "Though several electronic goods show rooms were set up in Guntur city, there is no change in business. We have targeted 40 per cent increase of business during this financial year."  

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