Children playing Kolatam
Children playing Kolatam

Tanuku: To inculcate in the minds of children the glory of the past, Montessori School here enacted Makara Sankranthi festival in a traditional way at the school campus on Thursday and Friday.

The school campus was decorated with flowers and rangolis all around. To make the school children understand how their, grandparents led their lives, thatched huts were made depicting the village life.

Varrikankullu were hanged here and there to make the children understand that farmers offered the grains to the birds before they take their share home.
Bommala kolluvu was exhibited. Cultural programmes were conducted. They danced as Gopikas around the Gobbillu.

Nursery kids were showered with flower patels representing Bogipallu. Haridas and Gangiraddu entertained the children by their acts.

Tanuku MLA Arimilli Radha Krishna, Ex MLA YT Raja and municipal chairman Parimi Venkana Babu participated in the Sankranthi celebration.

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