Japan excels in auto components and car navigation

Japan excels in auto components and car navigation

Japan Excels In Auto Components And Car Navigation. Alps Electric, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, supplies about 40,000 types of electronic parts to more than 2,000 manufacturer companies worldwide.

New Delhi: Alps Electric, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, supplies about 40,000 types of electronic parts to more than 2,000 manufacturer companies worldwide.

The company has been expanding their bases in overseas regions in order to supply their products and services quickly to the customers.

Alps forayed in Malaysia in the late 1989 with paid up capital of US$13.63 million. The company has been actively expanding its manufacturing and sales offices in ASEAN regions, including Thailand, India and Indonesia for over 25 years.

Additionally, they opened a new office in Hanoi, Vietnam, last year, as their sales subsidiary of Alps Malaysia.

"Currently, we distribute our products to customers in Malaysia peninsula, ASEAN and India," said Eiichi Domon, Managing Director, ALPS Electric (Malaysia).

At Nilai plant, Alps Malaysia has been manufacturing automotive parts such as clock spring, sensors for car steering, power window switches, motorcycle sensors and electronic components for home electronics.

The company supplies a wide range of products to the consumers and automotive market by consistently performing from design and production to the quality assurance.

Under the concept of "rooting in the local region", Alps Malaysia has been functioning as a hub of ASEAN.

It has 2,320 employees from the Asian region.

The company dispatches their members for a variety of technical training at its headquarter in Japan.

"I was trained for mold design. Also, I learnt production planning and machine manufacturing during the training mission in Japan. In Japan, the method is different from Malaysia. I could help develop to other members here after the training," said Kamaruzaman Bin Abu Bakar, Assistant Manager, Tooling, ALPS Electric (Malaysia).

The quality products are managed by the various evaluation equipments and distributed to the market worldwide as well as for Malaysia's automotive industry.

"Our overseas strategy takes priority to contribute to the local industry. We are expanding overseas to contribute to the local electronics industry by manufacturing electronic parts here in Malaysia," said Domon.

Bangkok has become widely known not only as a center of commercial and tourism, but it is also known for the severe traffic congestion problems.

A rapid increase of vehicles is causing chronic congestion. The increase in travel time and worsening air pollution are becoming serious challenges.

Getting around in a large city like Bangkok can lead to massive stress even with a street map, orientation is very difficult.

Driving with the assistance of an electronic navigation system can help these problems.

Car navigation system is usual in Japan. Over 60 percent of new cars have in-built navigation system.

Car navigation system offers multiple benefits as drivers can avoid congestion with guidance to alternate direction. This also reduces CO2 by avoiding congestion.

Also, the system gives a caution to the driver about the frequent hazard points to prevent accidents.

A rear view monitor aids drivers to avoid objects behind them while reversing and parking.

"Currently, ALPINE Electronics Asia Pacific covers vast and diverse markets in South East Asia, Oceania, India and Middle East. We have established foothold in five countries. Our staff members are working hard aiming further business expansion in this dynamic market," said Masaki Mokumoto, Senior Manager, Alpine Electronics of Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

ALPINE electronics expands by promoting the navigation system in Thailand and the world.

"Car entertainment system, such as rear seat monitor and safety solutions are especially appreciated by the customers," said Punvadee Sarakoses, Marketing Executive, Alpine Electronics of Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

"We visit customers to understand their demand through their car lifestyle and we bring those results to develop products to meet customers' expectation," added Rattakhet Aksornnarong, Product Development, Alpine Electronics of Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

Thiti Rujirachai, Sales Executive, Alpine Electronics of Asia Pacific Co. Ltd., said: "We always wish to provide new car lifestyle to our customers driven by our DNA 'Creation, Passion and Challenge'."

"Eventually, we wish to realize not only for the safety and convenience of the customers in each region, but also create the rich car lifestyle such as premium designs, and special custom made for each car models," said Mokumoto.

The demand for car navigation system is rapidly increasing in India.

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