Apply oil to be calm, energetic

Apply oil to be calm, energetic

Apply Oil To Be Calm, Energetic

The hardened look of coconut oil may discourage you from indulging in oil massage. But winter is especially the time when your hair needs extra nourishment, says an expert.
Apply Oil To Be Calm, Energetic
Priya Kalra, founder of Grace and Glamour unisex salons, suggests oil treatments that one can go for in chilly weather:
Raja oil: Mostly made of spices like cinnamon and cloves, Raja oil is an Indonesian oil which is used for therapies for men. The main property that is possessed by this oil is energy. During winters people usually have a lethargic feeling and energy is what all need. Raja oil massage can pump in energy. An ideal oil treatment takes 40 to 45 minutes that includes massage, steam and wash.

Ratu oil: This is also an Indonesian oil and consists majorly of essential oils (wheatgerm, ylang-ylang, lemon, clary sage, sandalwood). It is used for women. Ratu oil treatment can be done twice a month. This will keep your hair healthy and shiny. The oil is known for its property which is calmness. A 45-minute ratu oil treatment can bring calmness. During winters, the problem of dandruff grows and ratu oil also helps to fight it.

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