Cleansing internally
Cleansing internally

Most of us are so concerned about hygiene of our bodies, homes, environment, etc. But do we really think about internal cleansing? Have you ever considered how to cleanse your organs internally? How to get rid of impurities of the mind? 

That’s exactly what detox is all about – Cleansing internally. Simply by going on a whole plant based diet, the detoxification process begins. That’s why unexplained headaches, back-aches etc disappear, as we start eating the right way. 

Slowly and steadily, the body feels happy, and it shows on your hair and skin, as it glows. Energy levels rise and mental clarity is experienced. 

Check out if you are on the detoxification path, with the 9 Detox do’s…

Green Smoothies
A green smoothie for breakfast or an evening snack is ideal! Greens and fruits (frozen – add to the taste) blended with water, is a very effective detox.

Go Organic
Pesticides in fresh produce and preservatives in packaged foods, are chemical disruptors, and we want to get rid of the toxins!

Go Vegan
Meat & Dairy contain fat and cholesterol, that clog our veins and truly need to be wiped out.

Herbal teas
If something warm is what you seek, then make natural teas, like boiling lemon grass with water. So simple.

Sweat it out
Did you know that when you exercise and you begin sweating, toxins release from your body and you begin cleansing!

Add fibre into your diet
Have organic fruits and raw vegetables as whole (with their peels on wherever possible), as this helps release the waste accumulated in your digestive track.

Go raw for a day or two in a week. This gives the body a rest, and it has time to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Join a spiritual class
Our mind also needs to get rid of thought impurities, for a healthy mind, ensures a healthy body.

Listen to your body
Drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry. Don’t eat because food is there, or it is time to eat!

By: Dr Nandita Shah

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