Diet for super shiny hair
Diet for super shiny hair

If your are off to a good start for a mirror like shine for your hair, you need to work on it from inside too.

All you need is super nutritious food. Which will transform your dull and lack lustrous mane in a matter of weeks. Most of these foods are great for glowing skin, bright eyes and strong nails too...

Mackerel: for thick lustrous locks you need to eat plenty of oily fish which is an absolute must. Apart from containing nutrients proven to improve brain power, they contain omega 3 and fatty 6 acids, which prevent hair loss, hydrate the scalp and strengthen the follicles. Give it a try.

As well as fatty acids, fish boasts high supplies of iron and vitamin B12, both of which are essential to skin and hair health. Meanwhile rich sources of protein and vitamin D. Which you can also absorb from the sun. Improve hair strength and prevent breakage.

Shellfish, like shrimp, pack and similar hair nourishing punch, these come fully loaded with a arsenal of fatty acids, vitamin D, B12, iron, Zinc, selenium and protein. All great components to healthy hair and glowing skin. 

 one of the most powerful beauty boosters on the planet are oysters. Which contain highly concentrated levels of nourishing vitamins and minerals. Including hair strengthening frolic acid, iron, protein and skin clearing selenium and zinc for a relatively tiny amount of calcium.

Similarly, eggs are hair enhancing mineral bombs just waiting to be consumed. As well as containing many of the minerals and vitamins oysters contain, they are also rich in Biotin which helps to improve lustre. In fact, if you take a peek at the label in the back of your shampoo or conditioner, you might just find biotin listed in the ingredients too.

Lean chicken: 
Chuck a couple of lean chicken breasts under the grill instead. Chicken is a great, low fat source of protein essential for hair shampoo and scalp health.

Are you a vegetarian? Make sure you eat plenty of lentils. As well as proteins and carbs. The pulses are packed full of folic acid, or iron which is essential for transporting oxygen from your blood to your scalp and hair follicles. Good scalp circulation means quicker stronger hair growth and faster cell renewal.

Cottage cheese:
Low in fat, high in hair and nail strengthening protein and calcium? Try incorporating a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese into your diet for a quick and easy beauty boost.

The real hair hero. As it is the only veggie filled with vitamins and minerals including folic acid zinc and calcium.

Everyday a small portion of mixed greens with all that lean protein and oily fish you’ll be eating for Dinner for now on, leafy greens like spinach, provide an excellent source of vitamin A,C folic acid and Zinc and. Strengthening natural collagen among other nutrients.

The vitamin A contained carrots helps the scalp to produce sebum oil an important fluid that provides natural hydration to dull dry looks.

For a quick, lock boosting snack on the go, make sure you pack yourself a B vitamin and Zinc rich banana.

Many more to go on like green tea, dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, cashews, pumpkin seeds, braid beans, blue berries, Greek yogurt, kiwi, bell peppers, tomatoes will help to prevent hair loss and damage as a result of consumed on a daily basis. 

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