Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

I finally watched the much-awaited trailer of ‘Akira’. Sonakshi Sinha has delivered some rock solid screen moments in this one. The stand out scene of the trailer, of course, is when she holds the arm of the college bully and raises her finger. 

There is not a single word spoken. Yet she emotes from her eyes – don’t mess with me. Many of us feel, to an extent rightly that a good action star is someone, who can pack a punch. But an action star is also someone, who can emote intensity and violence through eyes, in this case, Sonakshi Sinha is blessed with good intense eyes and she uses them brilliantly here.

The trailer of Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming flick ‘Akira’ was released recently and it is garnering rave reviews and with this film she may become the Black Widow (action heroine) of Bollywood

The other stand out scene of the trailer is where she tells, pleads actually, with the group of college bullies to leave her alone or else she will get in trouble for beating them and that would take a toll on her academics for the fourth time. That establishes the attitude of the character – casually establishing that it is the opposition who is in obvious trouble.

All of this and the man who calls shots called AR Murugadoss (ARM) make ‘Akira’ a good product to wait for. A good thriller or a revenge movie obviously needs two simple components; a convincing actor and a good director. ARM has an eye, particularly, for revenge or “let’s get back at the bad guys” movies ‘Holiday’ and ‘Ghajini’ stand testimony for this.

Sonakshi has a solid fan following. Purists and size zero obsessed crowd are generally ridiculing Sonakshi but the fact remains that she has almost brought the 70s and 80s style heroine back in demand, almost single-handedly. 

The reason for that is simple, while we can laugh at the roles Sonakshi has chosen to do so far. It takes immense talent to deliver screen stealing moments. If “thappad se dar nahi lagta” has become a huge dialogue which is repeated often in jokes and tweets then it has become purely that because of the conviction with which Sonakshi delivered it on screen.

That dialogue also gave a glimpse of the fact that Sonakshi could be used well for screen toughie roles. Too bad then that it took a southern director to see her potential and trust me she makes a bloody good ‘Akira’.

In fact, I just love to predict this here. ‘Akira’ will establish Sonakshi as Indian cinema’s first lady toughie post-Sridevi. Sure there have been leading ladies in between but nobody ruled masala fare like Sridevi did and that crown will in all probability get passed on to Sonakshi post ‘Akira’.

There is one more reason I feel ‘Akira’ will be a smasher movie. This is where I am beginning to completely respect AR Murugadoss’ shrewdness in thrilling us once we are inside the theatre. We think ‘Akira’s trailer has given us everything which is in the movie.

No, it has not. The trailer establishes Akira’s stand for the right attitude. It also establishes Anurag Kashyap’s surprisingly cold casual scary villainous angle. It does not show us a single direct conflict scene. Those clashes could be good. When did we last see a good fight between a good lady and real bad guy?  Yeah, now you get it. And then you never know, movies, where the villain walks away with screen moments, are a treat to watch.

The high point of ‘Akira’ will and should be the bad cop versus the student fighting for what is right. Delivered right and most of the times ARM delivers them well, ‘Akira’ will become paisa vasool stuff for my kind of daav-pench and maar-dhaad loving front bencher.

There is one more reason that Akira is worth waiting for. In the last entire decade, we have had some noteworthy woman-centered cinema. We have had a ‘Dirty picture’; ‘Mary Kom’; ‘Kahaani’, essentially stories of women, who provided high drama or a suffering daughter kind of a story in ‘Piku’. ‘Mary Kom’, was for sure story of a girl, who could punch back but it was more of a docu-drama.

‘Akira’ in that sense is proper fictionalised “hunterwaali” stuff. Trust me that will surely make a fascinating woman to look out for and you can absolutely enjoy such stuff on the screen. Deep down we all love Black Widow’s casual confidence and capability to kick backsides.

‘Akira’ could well be our black widow. Brace yourself!

By: Rahul Deo Bharadwaj