identify the right pick

identify the right pick

Titan Industries Titan Industries, a Tata group company, which shot to fame for its quality wrist watches, had expanded into golden jewellery. It...

Titan Industries identityTitan Industries, a Tata group company, which shot to fame for its quality wrist watches, had expanded into golden jewellery. It is a good long term investment proposition as it has significantly corrected from its recent peak of Rs 313.60 and now available at Rs 242.50. The share which bottomed out at Rs 157.15 in December, 2011 then gradually reached a high of Rs 313.60 in December, 2012. However, with Finance Minister P Chidambaram imposing additional import duty on gold, the stock entered a correction phase and the same aggravated on a government move to make it mandatory for a buyer of gold worth Rs 50,000 or above, to furnish details of PAN card. The share reached a low of Rs 225 as on Thursday last week before recovering upto a high of Rs 245.10 on Friday. Finally, it closed the week at Rs 242.40. The share staged such a strong recovery on the last trading day mainly on hopes that the government might grant certain relaxation in PAN card detail requirements. Thus, the share has already discounted all the negative or bad news and is reasonably priced for medium to long term investment.
Aban Offshore
identity1Aban Offshore had reached an amazing all-time new high of Rs 5,700 in January, 2008, when the stock markets were universally booming with mad rush for buying shares. When the stock markets went on downward spiral after January, 2008 and fell significantly down within months of their hitting all time new peaks, the share of Aban Offshore also plunged and reached a low of Rs 224.10. Thereafter, it rose to a high of Rs 486.50 in October, 2012 but with the markets once again turning bearish, it started going down and fell to a low of Rs 261 in early March, 2013. Such a huge fall in its market price attracted buying support and rallied, technically, upto a high of Rs 299 on Tuesday last week, only to fall back upto a low of Rs 276.50 on Thursday. However, on Friday, the last trading day, the share climbed to a high of Rs 300 before closing at Rs 295.35 and thereby closed above short term moving average which too, at a level that has discounted almost all the bad news related to the company's financials as well the general economy and therefore most likely to go further up in a market that is positive in trend. The share is therefore suggested for buying for medium to long term investing. - TG
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