An Account of HPM'S Growth and Achievements
An Account of HPM'S Growth and Achievements

A lot of credit for the flourishing agricultural production goes to agrochemicals and their effects on the crops. You will be surprised to know that in a region full of over ten thousand insects, eighty-thousand molds, and thirty-thousand weeds, a country can have such booming lands full of healthy crops. Premier companies like HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. who have been the leaders of the industry with their dedication and innovation, have the widest range of agrochemicals production ranging from herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators. Under the capable hands of Late Shri Srikisan Dass Aggarwal, the company has been a pioneer in agrochemicals for over four decades. The new President (Sales & Marketing) of the company, Dr. J.S. Dhillon, is hoped to take the company to greater heights of success.

The latest buzz in the list of accomplishments

In the technical aspects, the company has just implemented the Accounting software named SAP HANA worth INR 1.5 crore in its premises. This is hoped to give a further boost to the workings of the company by streamlining the processes. The technology will be highly beneficial to not only the workers but also the dealers of the company.

HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. hopes to exceed the growth of 27% that it achieved in the last financial year. The technological advancements and the dedicated efforts of the management and employees had already raised the distributorship to 10% last year. The company aims to get a bigger figure for the present year which does not seem too far-fetched due to the quality of the products and the enthusiastic efforts of the marketing team under the company. The company is super excited to be associated with Sponsors for the IPL team of Delhi Daredevils. Also, there are several new products to be launched by the company which includes Cypermethrin Tc, Alpha-Cypermethrin Tc, Bifenthrin Tc, Lambda Cyhalothrin Tc, Mancozeb Tc, etc.

All of this is as much of good news for the company as it is for the farmers and the clients of the company. The products and the services are expected to become more high-end than ever.

The humanitarian and environmental efforts

The company does not believe that number crunching can be the only parameter to judge the success of a company. HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. is engaged in several humanitarian endeavors across the country. The latest in the long list of social initiatives by the company includes sponsoring kidney and heart transplants for underprivileged children every month.

The other notable social acts by the company include distribution of clothes among the poor and needy students of the Khuskhera region. ‘Samuhik VIVAH’ and Wheelchair Distribution are also notable social services carried out by HPM. These acts come under the Corporate Social Responsibility drive of the company.

HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. does not forget the environment in the bid to be successful financially. The waste products of the plants are always disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner. The effluents are pre-treated in the treatment plants present in the factory compounds, and those are only disposed of after passing them through stringent checks. The production makes it a point to not release any harmful effluents in the water or land without prior treatments. The noise level is also kept to a minimum at all the factories. Taking care of the environment has surely earned them brownie points from their new and loyal clients.

The Green Nation Clean Nation Plantation CSR Activity was organized last year by the company. This was the largest afforestation drive in the country undertaken under the guidance of CMD Mr. Ashok Aggarwal. There were 10, 000 trees planted all across the nation with the aim to ensure a cleaner and greener world than the ones we have got. The efforts were lauded across the nation in all the leading newspapers.

This tremendous growth has attracted high-quality talents across all the levels of management. The company has an able management team to keep it all smooth and controlled. The new projects have opened up more career opportunities for the young and experienced professionals of the country. This is good news for the budding managers of the nation as they will have the opportunity to work some of the best talents of India.

The dreams of the founding fathers to bring happiness to countless farmers of the country have now turned into a reality. HPM believes that it still has a long way to go in serving the nation and the journey has just started.