Secret to Ecommerce SEO Success in 2018
Secret to Ecommerce SEO Success in 2018

Driving traffic to any website is mandatory because it is the key to success on the digital platform. While static websites use lots of unique SEO strategies to increase SERPs, an ecommerce website performs better when you optimize your tactics to suit the nature of the business.

Every company in the market, be it a product seller or a service provider is looking for ecommerce solutions to gain visibility. People tend to make purchases from you only when you manage to grab their attention at the right time. SEO services help an online store gain recognition among audiences. Here are a few tips on how to grab your client’s attention:

Acquire Genuine Product Reviews

An ecommerce SEO company should be open-minded when it comes to accepting genuine product reviews. Not every customer will be happy to leave a 5-star feedback but an increased number of positive reviews will help increase search engine position and convince new buyers to choose your brand.

The SEO services can help in online reputation management but when it comes to products or services, a mix of positive and mediocre reviews will always sound more genuine than trying to make your brand look flawless.

Quality Link Building

Google has introduced many changes to the concept of link building and in the current scenario, it’s important to use ecommerce solutions to build quality links. Never focus on quantity as getting your website links in low-rated websites will eventually affect your SERP rankings and lead to reduced page rank for a long time to come.

Avoid Relying Too Much on PPC Ads

A lot of eCommerce companies rely on Pay Per Click PPC ads because they provide a massive boost in the initial stages. You have to keep investing in paid ads to keep seeing the results. Only an experienced company can manage associated risks such as bad content, misleading landing pages and increasing per click costs.

Most big brands of today split an even budget for digital marketing and spend a part of it on PPCs while the rest goes to improving organic traffic. An eCommerce SEO company should have such a balance in order to succeed in the long run.

Optimize Your Product Images

Organizations with static websites usually use stock images but being an online store gives you an advantage. You can actually use real product images, optimize them with alt tags and the right keywords so that they gain the highest number of views every time users search for relevant keywords.

Post Informative Articles Online

One of the best and proven strategies to gain visibility for an online store is to post informative articles online. You can guest post on popular blogs, share informative one-liners on social media pages and get interesting articles published on your blog. Every content that you post online will help you get quality backlinks and will eventually help you grow a strong reader base.

The SEO company in Mumbai should create articles in such a way that they sound authoritative in your field. Consider acquiring quotes or suggestions from experts in the relevant industry to add value to those blogs. Google no longer appreciate keyword stuffing but there’s always a special place for informative articles that help readers.

Use Relevant Keywords with Your Anchor Text

Contemporary internet users are always in a hurry and would like things to be transparent for ease of consumption. Consider using descriptive keywords for your anchor texts. This makes it easier for a reader to find what they are looking for and will lead to improved conversion rates.

Search engine bots can recognize your ecommerce store when you optimize your meta description. Your digital marketing agency should create easy to read content in the description and place a clear call to action.