Agnyaathavaasi First Review & Rating By A Critic
Agnyaathavaasi First Review & Rating By A Critic

Agnyaathavaasi is the latest film that is gearing up for a grand release worldwide on Wednesday. There is a lot of positive buzz around the movie and the fans have heavy expectations on the project. On one side, the fans are busy in grabbing the tickets and on the other side, the makers are making sure a smooth and timely release everywhere. In between all this, we have come to know about the first review of the movie from Umair Sandhu, the UAE based review writer.

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Describing the performances in the movie, he wrote, "Pawan Kalyan, as usual, a powerful crowd puller appeared with right grace and glory. He performed jovially with his trademark dialogue delivery. The dances were not so complicated but just pleasant. He Steals the Show all the way. He is ONE MAN SHOW. Keerthy & Anu also gave Top Notch Performances. Decent Performances by all supporting actors."

He explained that the title is very apt for the movie. "The title “Agnyaathavaasi ” has the power to pull the family crowds. At the same time, the content in it is appealing equally good for the mass audience. Thus it stood as a product with a right blend of elements those entertain both families and masses." wrote Sandhu.

Describing the film's writing, he wrote, "Trivikram’s pen that has huge expectations met the requirement but gone overboard in some parts.  It being Pawan Kalyan’s film audiences do expect more and more from his pen. Though there are some just normal sparks here and there with respect to his dialogues in the 1st half, he has shown his true mettle all over. Overall it has Massy & Racy First & 2nd Half."

"And coming to the music part, all the songs are impressive. Fantastic Dialogues, Bone-Breaking Action Stunts & First Rate Direction & Cinematography. Om the whole, Agnathavasi comes across as a paisa vasool, see-maar unadulterated entertainer which will be loved by classes and masses alike. At the box office, the lack of a credible opposition, perfect release timing [festival period] combined with an extended 5-day weekend will ensure that the film will break records and emerge as the biggest hit of the year so far. The film has got ‘B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R’ written all over it. Go for it!" concluded Sandhu in his review.

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