Chalo Review & Rating
Chalo Review & Rating

Naga Shaurya is the talented actor in the film industry who is experiencing flops. But the young hero has come up with his latest movie Chalo at the box office, and the actor pinned many hopes on the success of the film. With the confidence that he has in the story, the hero's parents turned producers for the movie. 

Chalo introduces a new director Venky Kudumula as the director, Rashmika Mandanna is making her debut as a heroine in the film. The theatrical trailer hiked the expectations on the film and the following is our review f the film.

Rating: 2.75


Hari (Naga Shaurya) likes to involve in the fights. His fascination always surrounds fightings because of which he lands in Tiruppuram where the villagers are divided into two groups as Telugu people and Tamil people. Accidentally, Hari falls for Karthika (Rashmika), the daughter of Tamil group head Muththu (Mime Gopi). 

Because of the disputes between Telugu group and Tamil group, Hari finds it desperate to get approval for his marriage with Karthika. What did Hari do then to solve the fightings between the two groups reveals the story of the movie?


Coming to the performances, Naga Shaurya's one-man show is impressive. Shaurya impressed everyone as a college student and impressed with his performance. The love track and campus scenes came out well. Naga Shaurya's chemistry with Rashmika is cute. 

Mime Gopi, Achyuth Kumar, Motta Rajendran and others have played their parts well and supported the lead cast. The comedy actors Satya, Viva Harsha, Sudarshan and Vennela Kishore too entertained in their roles. Raghu Babu's character is also impressive. Almost all the actors did well and made their presence felt.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the film Chalo is rich. The camera work by Sai Sriram is fantastic. Every scene shot in the college was colorful. Mahathi Sagar's best work till date is Chalo. The audio album is a big hit, and the background score is also excellent. The production values from Ira creations are grand. 

Venky Kudikala, the debut director, has come up with the dramatic plotline, entertaining screenplay, and hilarious conversations. The routineness of the movie was dominated by the wealthy technical work and performances in the film.


The entertaining and enjoyable first half of the movie provides proper entertainment but the second half of the movie has some dull moments. The comedy is the dominant saving factor for the film as multiple actors tried to entertain the audiences. The interval block is impressive, and the ending is beautiful. The major complaint with the film is that the main plot of the movie was handled amateurishly. 

With subtle performances from the lead actors and a great deal of support from the technical team, the movie is a proper commercial movie. On the whole, the film Chalo is a timepass entertainer.

Rating: 2.75