Tarun's Idi Naa Love Story Movie Review & Rating
Tarun's Idi Naa Love Story Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.25/5

Idi Naa Love Story is the latest romantic film produced by S.V.Prakash which stars Tarun and Ovia in the lead roles. The film is the remake of 2013 hit Kannada film Simple Agi Ondh Love Story that stars Rakshith Shetty and Shwetha Srivastav in the lead roles. 

The Telugu version released today on the occasion of valentine's day and there is a positive buzz on the film. The makers promoted the film very well and are expecting that it will become a big hit.

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Abhiram (Tharun) is a ad film director. In order to set his sister's wedding, he goes to a village to meet his brother in law's sister Shruthi (Ovia). Abhiram falls for Shruthi instantly and both starts sharing their past love stories.

 The next day, Shruthi gives a complaint to police officers against Abhiram and the cops arrest him. What happened overnight ? Why did Shruthi complain over Abhiram? Forms the story of the film.


Tarun and Ovia share a good chemistry on the screen. Both of them impressed everyone with the performances. Tarun looks good and maintained a proper styling in the film.

 His performance is good and he played his part well during the emotional sequences. Ovia Helen, the new heroine impressed with her performance but she could have maintained a proper styling to pose some decent looks. There are not many actors in the film to mention about.

Technical Aspects:

The film has good technical elements in the form of Cinematography and music. The Cinematography by Christopher Joseph is okay and good in parts. His way of framing a scene is impressive. The DOP made use of natural lighting and locations perfectly. The editing is okay. 

The music scored by Srinath Vijay is good but the background score he has scored could have been much better. There are few unwanted scenes which could have been chopped off. The production values maintained by Ram Entertainments are decent. The dialogues are good and entertained the audiences very well.


The first half of Idi Na Love Story is poorly written and it hardly has anything to offer the audiences. It doesn't have a proper story and what all happen in the first half was the introduction of the characters. The dialogues are okay in the first half. The songs are okay too in the film and they act as speed breakers. While the second half starts on a good part, it fails to keep the audiences engaged with the flow. The second half of the film is good when compared to the first half of the film. 

There is a scope for good story telling in the film but the director has failed to do that and offered a normal boring watch for the audiences. The best part of the film is the combination of three love stories and the camera work and also the music. The film could have been much better but this is not the stuff Tharun should bank on if he seriously considers to make a come back.