Oscars' tribute to Sridevi: Twitter gets emotional
Oscars' tribute to Sridevi: Twitter gets emotional

Oscar awards annually, pay homage to known legends of cinema, who left us before the ceremony with a beautiful and significant memorium.

One cannot be on that list, if they are not world renowned. Sridevi and Shashi Kapoor, Indian legendary actors, got a place in memorium and Indian social media, celebrated it.

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Rishi Kapoor thanked the Oscars for remembering them.

"Oscars. Thank you for remembering Shashi Kapoor and Sridevi. Thrilled to see the name Raj Kapoor as the executive producer of the show. We are on the threshold of world cinema!"

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Choreographer and director, Farah Khan, said that she got teary eyed seeing both their names.

"Teary eyed to see #Sridevi being featured in the Oscars IN MEMORIUM.. "

Well, Indian Cinema is on the pinnacle of World recognition and we should celebrate it. Also, few took digs at Indian media for trying to find malice in their deaths and sell it as popular news.