Nayantara's Karthavyam Movie Review & Rating
Nayantara's Karthavyam Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3.5/5 

Nayantara, the lady superstar of the south film industry, scored a big hit with the film titled Aramm. The film, which was released on November 10th last year in Tamil,  had become an instant hit. 

The movie did commercially very well and considering the range of success, Sharath Marar of North Star entertainments banner has grabbed the dubbing rights of the film. The film is releasing in the theatres on this Friday. Gopi Nainar directs the film. Ghibran is the music director of the film and lets see the review of the movie here.


Madhu Varshini (Nayantara) is a district collector who goes to an extent against the government in dealing a crisis. What happens then? What threats did she face from the government? How did she overcome them? Forms the story of the film.


The film has solid performances from the lead actor to a side artist. All of them did their job well in the movie. Nayantara, in the lead role, is undoubtedly a perfect choice. 

She brought life to the role she played. This is another film that proves the stamina of Nayantara at the box office. The other actors like Rama Chandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi, Maha Lakshmi, Kitty, Vela Ramamurthy, Ram Das, Jeeva Ravi, Vinodin Vaidyanathan, T Shiva, Vignesh and Ramesh are impressive in their roles too.

Technical Aspects:

Every technician in the movie has given his best. The cinematography by Om Prakash and the editing by Ruben is terrific. The crisp runtime helped the film to arrest the audiences. The writing by Gopi Nainar is so good that every scene has an exciting aspect added to it. 

This is something that this kind of movies needs. The music and background score by Ghibran is outstanding. The background has lifted the cinema properly in the crucial scenes. The care taken regarding the dubbing is impressive in a big way.


Karthavyam is one of the social dramas that we rarely experience on the big screen. When one comes, we need to celebrate it. Not many times, the stars try to own the movies and here, we have Nayantara who did it correctly by utilising her stardom in telling a story that needs to be known by everyone. 

She has entirely lived in the role of the district collector and opened broad perspectives on different aspects of the society. With great performances, fantastic technical work and brilliant writing, the movie Karthavyam is going to be a worthy one at the box office. Don't miss it.