Sensational Comments By Artists
Sensational Comments By Artists

Actress Sri Reddy once again took the centre state at the debate against casting couch in the Industry. She said, "We have taken names out, we can provide with chats. Other than that our minds, our words are big proofs. People are unable to handle truth and they are trying to blame us.

 I slept because I had a huge desire and everybody have it. I did not search for easy ways, but I got compelled. Please understand why we came out and help us. People like Vakada Apparao should be dragged out. Government should help us by creating special cells for women security." 

Popular woman activist Devi said, "This is good that women are coming together. It is important that casting couch is eradicated from Industry and Men should stop looking at women as sex objects. But these people will try to trick us and divide us. We should not let them do so." 

Another activist said, "Goverment should come up with a toll free number for women to express their grievances openly. Men who are sexual abusers and harassers should be put behind bars without giving them chances to escape." 

A junior artist asked for the co-ordinator system to be eradicated. She said that the co-ordinators take money and even cut the production daily wages. She further said that such leeches should be thrown out of the Industry.