Five reasons to watcb Naa Nuvve
Five reasons to watcb Naa Nuvve

Naa Nuvve, starring Kalyanram and Tamannah is releasing on 14th June. Let's look at five reasons why you should watch the film

1) Nandamuri Kalyanram's transformation 

It is highly interesting to see an actor who is known for commercial potboliers, try out an out and out genre film, that too romantic film. Let's see how Nandamuri Kalyanram pulled it off. 

2) Tamannah's acting skills and beauty 

There are no second thoughts about how beautiful Tamannah is and her acting skills have been proven too. So, she in a romantic film will be really new to watch

3) PC Sreeram Visuals 

PC Sreeram is a cinematography legend in Indian Cinema and his work, never disappointed us at all. So, what special did he come up for this romantic tale? Let's watch on screen

4) Jayendra's classy touch 

Jayendra showed us that he can handle a good romance in 180. Even though the climax deprived the movie of a much deserved success, we can agree that he does have an unique eye. 

5) Songs 

Sharreth has come up with a magical score for this movie and it will be wonderful to see them on screen as well.