Young hero Karthikeya whose latest film ‘RX 100’ is making waves at the box office as it recovered its Rs 2.5 crore in two days and racing to become one of the top blockbusters in recent times. Actually, producer Ashok Reddy,  who is the father of Karthikeya, made a small budget film ‘Itlu Prema...’ some time ago and reportedly lost Rs 4.5 crore. 

“Now, Karthikeya has given his father a blockbuster and repaid all the losses of the first film since the film is expected to collect more than Rs 10 crore, almost covering four times their investment,”  says an industry source. No prizes for guessing when Karthikeya planted kiss on the cheeks of his father at the success meet two days ago. Talking about the success, the hero said “I don’t know how to handle success because it is overwhelming,” said the actor, at the success meet. “I believe in destiny and realised that God will be send a person to help you achieve your goal and director Ajay approaching me proves the same,” he added. 

“I have forgotten all my hard work and would like to even work harder since success sounds sweet like music,” he points out. He claimed to have received flak for his comment that “He would return the ticket money if the audience didn’t like the film”. “I was confident about the film but not over confident,” he adds. Producer Ashok Reddy said “I am happy with the tremendous success. We expected good results but this blockbuster is giving us goose bumps,” he adds.

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