Bigg Boss Season 2: Kaushal's Emotional Campaign

Bigg Boss Season 2: Kaushal's Emotional Campaign

By Vyas | THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 24,2018 , 12:10 PM IST

Bigg Boss Season 2: Kaushal's Emotional Campaign
 The episode started on an exciting note, especially with the promotions of the movie DevaDas. Nagarjuna Akkineni entered the show as Dasu to the show with a pistol in his hand. Nani threatened the housemates that he has brought Dasu to the show to take revenge on the housemates who are troubling him. On a funny note, Nag tried to threaten the housemates and then introduced everyone. Nagarjuna later wished the housemates and left the show. After Nag's exit, Rashmika Mandanna and Aakanksha Singh who was a part of DevaDas also entered the show and wished the housemates all the luck to win the title. They also left the show in the first half.

Later, Nani interacted with the housemates and gave them an opportunity to do self-campaigning by requesting the audiences to vote for them. In this last week, the viewers will vote for the contestants to make them the winner, unlike the previous weeks where they voted to save them. Why Me? Was the question Nani posted to everyone and the housemates have to give the reasons for people to vote them and should also mention why they should not vote for the other housemates.

Except for Kaushal, no one understood the game properly. Kaushal narrated a story of summarising the entire Bigg Boss game show and gave solid reasons for voting him. He also mentioned why people should not vote for the other housemates. But, all the other housemates played it safe by only requesting the audiences to vote them and praised the other housemates unlike telling not to vote for them.

After this, Nani revealed the names of the housemates who entered the final. Roll Rida was evicted from the TV show. There was no Bigg Bomb!

Nani big bye for the housemates and said that he would meet all of them again on Sunday in the evening for the grand finale.

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