RG Movies production presents their first feature film “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch
RG Movies production presents their first feature film “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch

It is rightly said “if you educate a girl you educate a whole nation” Believing in this proverb, Mr. Anil Garg of RG Movies announces their first feature film “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch. The movie highlights the struggle of a young girl who wants to study and also enables other girls of her conservative village to be allowed to study.

Written by K.K. Makwana, Directed by Nitin Chaudhary and produced by Mr. Anil Garg along with Rahul and Gaurav Garg of RG Movies, “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch, promotes the social cause of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”. Based on a combination of true stories and factual findings, the movie touches upon sensitive issues like Child Abuse, manipulation of education policy in small villages by government officers. . It also highlights the taboo in smaller villages, which have rules, which disown girls who study after class 5.

Writer K. K.  Makwana said, “The film showcases the journey of a teenage girl who wants to get educated and stands up against gender oppression and cultural negativities. She, along with her friends from England and a small band of students, fight against the son of the village sarpanch to re-open a school and push every girl child to study. Based In a village near Bhuj, the story is inspired by real incidents and shows how even in today’s time education is still a gender privilege”

Shot in Bhuj and across the grandeur of the Rann of Kutch, the movie aims at educating the audience that even in 2018 there is an appalling amount of girls who are not allowed to study due to the archaic rules of our society.

 “I have seen a huge difference in the way education is provided in urban and rural areas. With “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch we wanted to show that girls are no less than boys. There are various education policies but no implementation. We wanted to change the mindset of people” said Mr. Anil Garg, RG Movies.

“I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch will witness the debut of actor Gaurav Garg and Actress Roshni Walia and will also see Amanda Rodario, Vikas Shrivastav, Harjinder Singh in the lead role. Made for an audience of all ages “I Am Banni”- Daughter of Kutch has the pouring sand sprinkling of emotions, message and some riveting music. The movie is schedule to release on 4th January 2019 and the time duration of the movie is 120 minutes.

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