Sumanth’s promo as ANR goes awry?
Sumanth’s promo as ANR goes awry?

Some distributors are unhappy with the promotional strategy adopted by the makers of the biopic, ‘N.T.R.’ since they gave more importance to Sumanth as Akkineni Nageshwar Rao in the recently unveiled promotional trailers and posters.

“Sumanth has not been a crowd puller for many years and even his recent films like ‘Subramanyapuram’ and ‘Idam Jagath’ were duds. Hence, it is working against the film,” says distributor Ramakrishna, who urged the makers to revert  to Balakrishna’s ‘retro’ looks  for reviving the collections and attracting festival crowds to the theatres in the next three or four days. “Sumanth did a good job by putting in a measured performance in the film.

 He also reminded us of his legendary grandfather and his chemistry with Balakrishna was good,” the distributor adds. However, distributors want the makers to go for an aggressive promotion to draw crowds. “Armed with good critical acclaim and word of mouth publicity, the makers should also attract audience with aggressive promotional  drives, which are lacking now, ” he adds.
The much-hyped film was sold for fancy prices and the makers should 
divert some money back into promotional drives. Otherwise, it could fall short of the winning post.   

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