Shankar cancels shoot of Kamal's film?

Shankar cancels shoot of Kamal's film?

It is well known that ace director Shankar doesn’t like to compromise on any aspect and yet again he established this trait by reportedly cancelling the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Bharateeyudu  2’ in Pollachi few days ago. “Shankar was not happy with the set erected for film in Pollachi and cancelled the shoot last week. He urged the art director to re-work on it,” says a source, from Chennai.  Director Shankar is a tough-task master and takes his own time to complete his films. 

“He is a perfectionist and can’t compromise on even on mitnute lapses at the location,’ the source adds. Already, the film shooting got deffered twice due to illhealth of Kamal Haasan and now the director has found the set to be farcical. “Key scenes were supposed to be shot in this hosue set involving Kamal, Kajal and other leading actors,” the source  points out.  With his last film ‘2.0’ rocking the box office in Hindi, Telugu and overseas, Shankar wants to deliver another blockbuster with Kamal Haasan and recreate the magic of ‘Bharateeyudu’ franchise.

 “Kamal has reduced his weight and fitted into the role of a aged farmer, while Kajal underwent look test and was ready to shoot for the film. Everything went haywire, as art deparment messed up a bit. “The film is expected to release in May, but it may get delayed a bit. Nonetheless, the film will hit the screens by June or July, if it goes by the planned schedule.” the source concludes.  Even Kamal Haasan would be pinning big hopes on this big ticket film to bounce back into the reckoning. 

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