Water Crisis
Water Crisis

Hyderabad: A team of eight young engineers from Hyderabad gave a solution to the water crisis in the city by inventing a ‘Aqua generator’ which produces water from air. Aqua generator is a portable innovative apparatus that produces water from air. The team of eight students Muzzafer Hussain (Captain), Pervez, Minhaj, Salman, Abubaker, Munavar, Sayeed, Altaf and with the help and guidance of faculty member invented this apparatus.

The Generator is an innovative answer for the present day water crisis. Speaking to Hans India Muzzafer he said that “The aqua generator consumes less than 6 of power units a day and it also has a dual mode option-using it with solar energy or electricity. The generator produces 40- litres of wWater per day. He also said that it produces pure water from air and also functions as an air conditioner and refrigerator, it took 60 days to invent this product at a cost of Rs 27,000. 

Muzzafer later said that the product was made in the college premises and the faculty helped them with the equipment and also gave financial support. He further said the generator can be used in three models -domestic, village and gated community model. The water which was produced from the generator was tested at a private lab where the results said it was potable. 

The generator produces water with the help of a cooling coil which extracts moister from the atmosphere, where the air passes through the coil during which the temperature of air is decreased. When the air passes the water droplets are formed and are stored in the water tank which is located below the cooling coil. And the remaing decreased air temperature is used in air conditioner.

Water scarcity and cutbacks has a significant effect on the human life and also limits down their fundamental needs of drinking water, agriculture and sanitation. Water scarcity may occur due to both natural and human causes. Water on earth is a renewable resource, but pure water for human use is considered as a limited resource.  So this generator if it becomes commercially available may a boon for city dwellers.

By Aneri Shah