Agala came to India in 2013 on tourist visa and overstayed
Agala came to India in 2013 on tourist visa and overstayed

Hyderabad: The police apprehended three persons including a Nigerian and Kashmiri, who were in possession of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) drugs. The Task Force officials seized 75 stamps LSD, 30 grams charas (hashish), one gram heroin and three ganja packets (about 40 grams) from the accused, while they were handing over the material to city based drug peddler. 

In a joint operation with Narayanaguda police, the Task Force officials on Tuesday arrested Agala Alumah Friday (30) a native of Nigeria, Abid Nazir alias Tiger (27) a businessman and native of Srinagar in Jammu Kashmir, both residing in Goa. They also arrested Yash Sunkar (19) a student and resident of Bagh Amberpet, who was accused of selling drugs in city.  

The accused Yash is pursuing graduation from a private college in Himayath Nagar and is a regular visitor to Goa. During a visit in 2017, he was asked by one of his friend to bring LSD from Abid Nazir alias Tiger, a known drug peddler who was residing in Goa then. However, later Yash developed acquaintance with Abid and started drugs business with him.  

Following his visits to Goa, he used to update his status in social media groups indirectly informing that he got the drugs. “Yash purchased one LSD drug stamp from Abid for Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 in Goa and sold them for Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per stamp to clients back in Hyderabad. While Abid purchased these drugs from Nigerian drug peddler Agala Alumah Friday in Goa,” said DCP Task Force, P Radha Kishan Rao.

However, following a bulk demand in city, Yash asked the drug peddlers for maximum quantity this time, prompting both Abid and Agala Alumah to visit Hyderabad. Following a tip-off, the Task Force on Tuesday caught the trio red-handed near Madhushala Bar and Restaurant in Hyderguda, while they were trying to exchange the drugs. “During the investigation it also came to light that the Nigerian drug peddler came to India on his Tourist Visa for two months in 2013 and over stayed doing illegal drug business,” added the DCP.       

The official said LSD is most potent, mood changing chemical such as anxiety, paranoia, and delusions are possible. The LSD is commonly added to absorbent paper and divided in to small squares. LSD is extremely poisonous, and its effects are unpredictable. A small amount can produce 12 hours effects. 

The three accused along with the seized drugs were handed over to Narayanaguda police station for further investigation.