Hyderabad: Madhapur Police on Sunday took a juvenile boy into their custody on allegations of taking naked videos of women by his smart phone. According to police, a 14-year old boy who was studying class 8 in a corporate school diverted his mind when he started using his smart phone and watching the porn videos. 

The distracted boy started looking at the Sri Vinayaka women hostel beside his building where more than 70 software working women staying there. He observed that the bathrooms of the hostel were outside and they were exactly beside his building. He started taking the videos of women in the bathroom through his smartphone from months. 

The incident came into light when he recorded video of a woman who was taking bath in the night. When the boy by switching on the flash light of smart phone tried to record the video, the woman noticed it and immediately informed the hostel management. Along with twenty women and the management caught the boy and found that he has taken their naked videos in the bathroom from months. They immediately complained to the Madhapur police. 

Based on the complaint, police took the juvenile boy into their custody and seized the smart phone, camera and tab from his possession. They enquired him and his parents and collected the information. They enquired the boy whether he stored the videos in his phone or shared with anybody. They have also enquired his parents on the incident.

Police found that the boy kept a secret password for his phone, tab which was locked since, the boy forgot its password. After shifting the boy to Juvenile home, they have sent the camera, phone and tab to the Forensic Science Laboratory to unlock them. During the interrogation, the boy confessed that he has recorded the videos of 30 women till now. 

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