Chandrababu Naidu concerned about AP, Jagan about cases
Chandrababu Naidu concerned about AP, Jagan about cases

Politics, simply put, are the actions or activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society. Politics is the study of the ways in which countries are governed. However, when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, we may have to study the news on and about politics more than the very nature of politics itself to understand the political dynamics. 

The hue and cry being raised by the YSRCP over the possible tie-up of the TDP with the Congress is amusing at best. Y S Jaganmohan Reddy owes his politics to Congress. He owes his affluence to the party. If he is what he is today, then it is all because of the Congress.

He played his own politics in coming out of the Congress and floated his own party. That is his choice. If Chandrababu Naidu today feels like sailing with the Congress - this is still a rumour - as an alliance partner, that will be his choice. People understand this better than Jaganmohan Reddy, who is distinctly cut off from the reality. 

Using his media to keep harping on a perceived preference of Naidu, Jagan is now arguing as if it is a crime of Naidu to go with the Congress. What is bothering Jagan in the first place? Why is he jittery? It is now clear to one and all that he is a classic escapist who runs away from his responsibilities as a legislator. In the guise of 'padayatra' he proves this point further.

His party men have declared that he would embark on a bus yatra soon after finishing his padayatra. Jagan would be better off to understand that this political tourism will not take him places. 

The alacrity and deft that Naidu displays in strategising his interests is well-known. Several factors go into winning an election. The party machinery one puts in place, the alliances one enters into, the social segments one cultivates, and the micro management methods are some of these, without which it is extremely difficult to seek a successful outcome.

A directionless and futile exercise such as Jagan's yatras will neither benefit him nor does his fake news campaigns. The State is reeling under drought in parts and battling floods in others. It is commonplace that all parties come together to defend the State's interests. What is wrong in TDP and Congress coming together to secure the State the much-needed Special Category Status? 

A grand alliance is needed to defeat the bloated egos of Modi-Shah duo who are bulldozing every democratic institution and trampling the very rights of citizens. The difference here is quite stark. Naidu is looking at the larger good of the State and is visualising the big picture, while, Jagan's only all- consuming passion is to come to power while working with the BJP to get bailed out of the cases.

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