Four-and-a-half years after forming the first government in the newly created Telangana, riding on the Telangana sentiment, the TRS made a determined bid to retain power on the basis of development and welfare schemes such as Mission Bhagiratha, the two-bedroom housing scheme and the Rythu Bandhu scheme. The results certainly are a clear vindication of party chief K Chandrasekhar Rao’s popularity.

Buoyed by this victory, Chandrasekhar Rao now wants to bring in a “major revolution in Indian politics.” He along with the AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi are now set to travel across the country trying to unite the regional parties and form a consortium of regional parties.  While it is certainly a bold move, there is a little dichotomy which needs to be cleared. On one hand he says the proposed front will not be bringing together political parties and on the other hand he says it will be consortium of regional parties. May be thing will become clear once he comes up with a detailed action plan much ahead of the general elections.

In fact, KCR wants that there should be no concurrent list and the centre should have only few areas on which it should focus in terms of governance and state governments should be supreme sovereign entities. He even advocates one supreme court for each state with a federal court at centre to resolve inter state disputes on the lines of USA. In short it means re-writing the Constitution of India. Definitely it is a tall order and time has to tell what extent this would be suitable for the country and how other parties would react. 

In a country like India which is divided on the basis of caste and community, a phenomenon which is much more rampant in the northern belt, it is definitely swimming against the current. But then as KCR said for every good thing a beginning has to be made somewhere. He quoted the movement to mobilise people against the draconic law called Emergency by a single individual called Jayaprakash Narayan and later it became a massive movement which made the Congress party meet its waterloo. Similarly, the movement of separate Telangana state had started as a one man show and finally it became a reality. Hence bringing revolutionary changes in Indian polity is not a difficult task is what KCR feels.

While we leave it to the future to decide the outcome of his proposed experiment, the immediate need of the hour as far as Telangana is concerned is that the TRS should forget all the rancour and visible animosity against other parties that was there during the campaign,  become more humble and devote and rededicate itself to improve the standards of living of all sections and communities in the state. 

KCR who wants autonomy for the states should be more focussed in achieving it considering nation as a unit rather than thinking of expanding the party existence in other states. Otherwise the proposed new national party will become yet another party which wants to rule the entire country and the lofty ideals will be defeated.

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