Revolutionary healthcare

Revolutionary healthcare

Breaking away from the realms of fantasy, a panacea for incurable diseases, chronic afflictions and protracted conditions is all poised to be a reality in the near future. 

Breaking away from the realms of fantasy, a panacea for incurable diseases, chronic afflictions and protracted conditions is all poised to be a reality in the near future.

Imagine a nanorobot - let us call it nano-doctor – zeroing in on the disease-causing cell and decimating it, or, a drug that can suppress the trigger that causes cancer.

Mindboggling and incredible isn’t it? Believe it or not! This is not just a possibility, but has evolved to become a reality.

Termed as novel drug delivery systems in medical slang, nano-medicine and sustained drug-releasing modules have all the makings of transforming and revolutionising curative and preventive solutions.

Nano-particles act as vehicles or carriers of drugs and deliver them at the disease location or the cell from where it originates.

As one scientist working on nanotechnology explained, “these nano-particles are so programmed that we only have to give the postal address of the site and the drug is delivered there.”

These latest medical applications can be utilised in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular condition and a host of other diseases.

The delivery vehicles are steered by an amazing mechanism while coursing its way and gravitating towards ordained destination.

They are programmed to get attracted to the deceased cells and deliver the drugs at the spot, which apart from ensuring that the medicine reaches the target also prevent or reduce direct damage to the healthy cells in the body.

Nanoparticles will prove to be a boon and a great relief to specifically those suffering from diabetes. They can avoid the painful routine of injections by using the drug delivery mode.

Likewise, for cancer patients, it would mean less exposure to radio-therapy and consequently debilitating side effects of the treatment.

In addition to nanotechnolgy, medical scientists are on the verge of achieving another astounding milestone in innovative therapies for sustained or controlled release of drugs.

These drugs which are taken either orally or through injections have timed release functions, i.e., they have the capability of getting embedded at the origins of the disease - or the causative cells - and subdue them at any point of time, when there are indications of the disease manifesting.

The drug will have a durability to stay in our system for 24 hours, during which it functions like a sentinel to monitor and strike the diseases.

According to scientists, sustained release dosage forms are designed to release a drug at a predetermined rate in order to maintain a constant drug concentration for a specific period of time with minimum side effects.

Going by the pace with which innovative and efficacious palliatives are evolving in medical applications and therapies, these developments have the markings of being translated into astounding medical technologies that would diminish the line between fiction and fact.

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