Sidhu’s South India remarks disgraceful
Sidhu’s South India remarks disgraceful

So, Navjot Singh Sidhu does not like South India. He does not understand its language and does not like its food. He loves Pakistan. There could be several reasons behind this statement. But one stark fact is that no one with even an iota of sense would justify this bellicose mouth’s flirtatious attitude towards Pakistan. What exactly is wrong with him? Why does his party keep its mouth shut over these outrageous comparisons of South India with Pakistan?

And all those who talk of the neglect of South by the North? Why are they silent? “When I go to Tamil Nadu I don’t understand the language, there’s only one or two words that I can... Not that I don’t like the food but still I can’t have it for long time, the culture is totally different,” Sidhu said during an interaction at the ‘’Khushwant Singh Literature Fest’ in Kasauli. 

“But if I go to Pakistan, the language is the same, like you know, when you abuse 10 times in English but one abuse in Punjabi overpowers all.” So be it. Let him go to Pakistan, only to check whether he could stay there forever. Does he not know that India is a country which is known for unity in diversity? Better his party or his Chief Minister teach him if he does not know it.

And please, Sidhu don't ever step into South India. All these days the South only understood him as a comic person. But from his utterances, it appears that there is no sync between what he thinks and speaks. First, we saw him go hugging Pakistan's army chief at Imran Khan's anointment. Next, we saw him defend his act comparing it with what Narendra Modi did some time ago by going to Nawaz Sharif's function uninvited. Then he linked it to a Gurdwara in Pakistan and said he would go to any extent in praising Pakistan if it opens the place of worship to Sikhs from India. Now comes the googly on South India, most uncalled for. Even the Shiromani Akali Dal termed it, it is an ‘insult to the nation’. Does he think that nation means at the best a spoken language? 

Pakistan was not created as a linguistic State. It was partitioned as a religious State. It would be better if the politicians learn to think twice before they speak and if they do not know what is what, better take some tuition or briefing from people who are wiser. Of late, it has become a fashion to create a wedge between regions, sub regions and languages. It is not just Sidhu, many other politicians are trying to divide people on the basis of language and region for narrow political gains. If leaders don’t wake up, the people should and cast their vote honestly so that these kinds of people are kept away from public life. 

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