Is it good news or bad news? The coming together of the PDP, the NC and the Congress in Jammu and Kashmir? Is there a greater ploy to their combo planning? Coming together of political parties is not new. This is possible in a democracy. There may be ideological differences and there could be different yardsticks to one’s politics. There is always a debate regarding why political parties come together or even oppose one another. After emergence of Narendra Modi as a dominant theme of our politics in the last four-and-a-half years, there has been a clamour for 'coming together' of all those opposed to him and his party. 

This fear is born out of the possibility of a second term for Narendra Modi and the BJP after the 2019 general elections. This is seen as a deathly blow to, if it materialises, to all others who fall under various denominations called, secular, liberal, open and free-thinking parties who claim to believe in inclusive nature (of their own brand). This could mean the coming together of several identities and symbols - a Bible, Quran and Gita on the one hand and all colours like blue, green, red, yellow and tri-colour too on the other. There could be several faces to it - one preaching Shiv Bhakti while denouncing Ram Mandir. Secular in this country could also mean hailing Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala while agitating against the same in Kerala. No one need to bother much about these vagaries. 

Voters in this democracy know whom to teach a lesson and when. But the coming together of the PDP, the NC and the Congress is not on the same lines. The Congress leaders, particularly, Rahul Gandhi, will have to answer a lot many questions before contemplating to take on the BJP not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in the rest of the country. Because both the PDP and the NC are not any other party compared to others. There are several nuances to their politics. These two parties have repeatedly questioned the integrity of India and raised questions regarding Kashmir's Indianness. These two want India to hold talks with Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir tangle. They work hand in glove with the terrorists while in Opposition and also support the separatists while in power too. 

Not a single casualty of the Indian army was ever condemned so far by them and in fact they silently smile at the celebrations over terror attacks. For them those seeking to join Pakistan or separate from India are nationalists and those seeking to remain with India are anti-nationals. Kidnaps and killings by forces loyal to the Pakistani army and ISI in Indian territory are not denounced and in turn they blame India for it. And the Congress is no different. Spewing venom against Indian army has become its second nature of late and they sing the same tune like that of the separatists. So, their coming together should not surprise anyone. After all, they are birds of same feathers. Kashmir could burn altogether if the three who approve of separatists’ activity come together for petty political gains.

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