New York Academy, a progressive American International School in Hyderabad, has been awarded one of the ‘Best Emerging Schools’ by the most popular newspaper Times of India, (Hyderabad Times). It has been awarded in the commendation of achieving excellence in quality school education.

With the consideration of North, South, East, West and Central zones, Time Of India has classified the list in which New York Academy has been ranked one of the ‘Best Emerging Schools’ in the Central zone, Hyderabad. The evaluation was done on the following parameters such as academic reputation, co-curricular education, parental involvement, internationalism, infrastructure provision, sports education and individual attention to students.

The Best Emerging School in Hyderabad | New York Academy, Jubilee Hills
The Best Emerging School in Hyderabad | New York Academy, Jubilee Hills

Best Emerging School in Hyderabad

The main advantages of New York Academy are high academic standards, sound discipline, superior facilities and a commitment to a wide range of sport and extra-curricular activities. The excellence of education has earned the very good name for the institution. NYA offers a unique cultural environment for the education of children where the focus is on the development and care of the individual. NYA gets more creative in customizing the manner and ways in which it seeks parental involvement.

The infrastructure of the school is well developed and infrastructural facilities can fulfill all the requirements of the students. Sports classes are also held in the school to encourage students to participate actively in physical stimulation. When it comes to the co-curricular education, the school offers varied classroom activities which are designed carefully for teachers and students to participate enthusiastically. Known for its uniqueness, these activities help enhance the teaching-learning process. Teachers at New York Academy are considerate enough to focus on each and every aspect of a student's behaviour.

Overall, it’s no mean feat to be ranked one of the ‘Best Emerging Schools’ in Hyderabad. Join us in congratulating the teachers, staff, and students!