Lotus magic must for corporate – a HR message
Lotus magic must for corporate – a HR message

Patience and perseverance are inevitable for success in corporate.  Effort is although necessary and is important, without the above two leadership components viz., patience and perseverance, success may go elusive.   Most occasions, people fail to achieve success despite having effort, smartness and merit etc., purely because of impatience and lack of perseverance.   Nature has created the best reference for the corporate leaders to learn about it better.

The flowering sequence of lotus plants will tell us how patient and persistent one has to be, to become successful.  Once the lotus flower blooms, the bloom will last for 3-4 days.   During the day, the petals will spread and with onset of sunset, the petals would close.  On the first day, the petals gently open and send out its scent to attract the pollinators.  The subsequent days, it releases its pollen grains and also receives the pollen grains from other flowers to achieve cross pollination.  

Once the flower blooms, the petals of lotus flower would close towards the dusk and opens again in the morning.  This ordeal would continue for nearly 3-4 days.  It does so for 3 -4 days only to ensure complete ‘to and fro’ transfer of all its pollen grains to ensure maximum seed formation.  

Imagine, if the flower lasts only for a day, the pollination event might not occur completely in every flower as they live in aquatic habitat.  Every plant in particular invests heavily in flower formation during flowering season.  When the plant invests so much, it has to show sufficient level of patience and only then it can maximize the profit out of its investment.    Hence the lotus flowers open its petals in the day and close with dusk and the ordeal continues for nearly 3-4 days.  

Every effort, investment and goal setting must have sufficient patience and perseverance.  Many talented people often fails to attain their goals are more due to the lack of patience and persistence.  They should learn from the lotus flower and should be like how they patiently spread their petals in the day and close at dusk continuously for 3 – 4 days to increase the chance of pollination.  Every effort and expectation must have reasonable patience.  Only when one exhibits such patience, the support of other components that contributes to the success can be potentially tapped.   

The philosophy of success never walks on a single leg called either ‘effort’ or ‘smartness’.   When the flower is filled with pollen grains and has the scent to attract the pollinators as soon as it blossoms, pollination is naturally expected to occur in the same day.   But lotus plants never leave things to happen naturally.  It puts further efforts to ensure the ‘success’ is certain.  

Only to teach the corporate people about the importance of being patient and perseverant, perhaps this management approach, the nature would have engineered in lotus flower.  Always people must seek the reason, explanation and interpretation to understand the management wisdom of nature.  Learn to be patient and continue your effort with commitment, you will become successful is the message lotus flower conveys.