Melancholy of life – Should we blame biology or psychology? A HR message
Melancholy of life – Should we blame biology or psychology? A HR message

Has biology failed to psychology? Certainly, the answer is yes.  Every human being would live two separate phases of life viz.,


The biological life always rests in the present and pines about the future while the psychological life always peeps & pines at the past and always engaged in finding reasons to complain, grieve, compare or feel sad & feel lonely etc.  

Look at the herd of herbivorous animals or the pride/pack of carnivores.  The old and weak animals are largely neglected by the members.  The old and weak ones have to fend themselves or have to accept the fate and became prey to some predatory animal.  This is all about biology of life.  

Whenever one loss their relevance, meaning and significance in the larger framework of life must disappear from the scene and that is how the law of biology works or has organized.  Such disappearances sometime would happen in a very graceful manner while in some other time, such exit will be cruel.  

Law of biology doesn’t feel emotional about such process of rude or graceful eliminations. It only anchors on elimination.  The ‘biology’ of life is always focused on the future and nothing else.   Yesterday and yesteryears have no role or significance or meaning in biology. 

Whereas all most all animals including man invests a lot in parental care/caring the young ones.  The behaviour of altruism, engaging in fierce fight to protect the young ones, even the animals like a small mouse and rat also would exhibit against their deadly predators like eagle or snake.   Usually during such challenging period the prey animals always go for a fight instead of accepting easy defeat.    This is how the definition of biology goes.   

Whereas the psychological life is concerned, it largely focused in the past.  Always it downloads the data from the past memory wire and stare, glare and pine at them.  

Psychology never allows man or any other animal to be free in the present or would help to think/strategize future unambiguously.    More often it appears in our life as ‘memory’.  Only the memory of the past events makes the animals also to be alert, fearful, angry etc., in deep jungle.

In corporate, how people live?  Do they lead a biological life or psychological life?  All materialistic aspects of our life as well as that of all animals are predominantly kindled by ‘biology’ (for biological needs) and the so called non materialistic aspects of life including ones memory and thoughts fall under the premise of ‘psychology’.  

The paradox is that the psychology exists only in the capsule of biology but unfortunately the biology has least power or strength to control or manage the ‘psychology’ of own.   That is why, in spite of having all luxuries, many people live a miserable life.  

Despite having enormous experience, knowledge, leadership qualities, creativity, people in most corporate lives in utter misery and fear.  Only because of the above, many people accept things the way they are than attempts to change/question them.  

Once this paradox is understood well, people can find several ways to deal or manage them.  If they fail, with and or without luxury, security, creativity, capability, still the life will be dull, filled with melancholy.