Learn the management wisdom of animals – ‘use and then loose’
Learn the management wisdom of animals – ‘use and then loose’

Why man cannot live as an ‘individual’ although everyone claims to live individually?  The simple reason is that man’s individuality is largely influenced and governed by another man and that is why man cannot exist as ‘individuals’.   

Understand it from animal world.  All animals live in their respective groups may be for a short period or more.  When they are in a group, they learn the art of survival, hunting strategy etc.  Once they have completed their learning, they not only become independent also become individuals.  They could become individuals because they never carry the ‘truck’ but only the ‘tricks’.  It means, they do not carry the ‘worship syndrome’ or ‘heroism’ to either their parents or those who taught them about how to hunt or escape or their group.

If we look at human life, it is full of heroes, goads, demi goads, teachers, leaders, matinee idols, gurus etc.  Another paradox is that frequent displacement and replacement of goads, teachers, heroes, leaders etc., also occur in ones life like changing seasons.  

One may follow ‘X’ as their leader today but the very next day, the ‘X’ will be replaced by ‘Y’.   The next day, another leader, and so on and so forth, the saga continues.  Ironically, people cannot live without an ‘inspirational’ figure in their mind or imagination.  The emotion can either be motivating or can be hatred.  Either of the one is must for human existence.  

Be an individual does not mean, be arrogant, do not respect anybody and be ungrateful to those who taught you and helped you etc.  Live without any heroic attachments or strings that is the meaning of ‘be an individual’.  If someone has taught you, learn to live with the learning and not by just worshiping the teacher.  Unfortunately, people not only start worship them, become missionaries of their leaders or masters or goads etc., propagating ‘the master’ than ‘their teachings’ and people often find pleasure and joy in doing so.  

As long as one engages in such activities, they can only be ‘product’ of someone’ not ‘individuals’.  

No animal ever reduce to such level. They neither become missionaries, messiahs, messengers or PR agents of other animals in their group.   They neither worship their leader (s) today and outrageously reject and discard them tomorrow.  They follow the simple norms of ‘use’ and when the relevance is lost, ‘loose’.  

Animals live, retain and reaffirm their identity and live as true individuals.  On the contrary, man either live as product of others worship’ or as missionary or the promotional material of their master/leader/hero.  

Remember no human being can be greater or lesser than you all are truly equal to you.  Respect your learning, respect them for the teachings and be thankful.  Do not travel beyond by being and becoming a missionary or as product to make their identity and coterie popular.  

Learn to be an ‘individual’ first than proving to the world that you are ‘independent’.