Hyderabad: To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, the students of Jain Heritage a Cambridge School & Jain Toddlers, Kondapur, celebrated their 10th Annual Day with the theme “Gandhi The Legend” through a Light, Sound & Music performance, on Sunday.  

Tushar Gandhi, the great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, was the chief guest on the occasion. Other dignitaries who included Chandrashekhar DP, CEO, JGI Schools, Lakshmi Rao, Academic Director; Mona Mehdi, Principal; Lalitha Kosaraju, Centre Head, and other Principals and Centre heads of JGI Schools. 

This audio-visual performance that celebrated the indomitable faith which Gandhi had in the ideals of non-violence & Satyagraha, gave a brief glimpse of his life journey. The depiction of his life journey was interspersed with the enactment scenes from his life coupled with dance & song performances by the students.

Scenes from his childhood followed by his visit to South Africa post his attainment of Barrister Degree. His encounter with racial discrimination there made him ponder upon the social issues prevalent & he turned into a social activist where he was able to gather significant support of the people who belonged to  the Indian subcontinent, which made him to stay a little longer in that country.

The narration also included the next important phase of Gandhi’s life when he returned to his homeland. The endeavour of this show was to recreate the memory of the ideals which Mahatma Gandhi stood for. The scenes enacted brought us close to an emotional rendezvous with his life, as someone who had a vision of a free India.

This also sent a powerful message to the present generation that despite all the perpetration of violence today - Gandhi’s life continues to be an unequivocal inspiration, as a perfect embodiment of non-violence & hope. He lives in spirit even today when there are peaceful marches against any injustice being meted out. 

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