Seven highly effective habits for better life

Seven highly effective habits for better life

Seven Highly Effective Habits For Better Life. Procrastination! Laziness! Hate to read! – All these may sound cool but it does not apply to all....

Procrastination! Laziness! Hate to read! – All these may sound cool but it does not apply to all. Following are the some trouble-free ways to make your life better.

1. Reading –Ability to read is the best gift to humankind. Read newspaper and stay abreast with the current activities. Be a jack-of-all-trades and do not just end up reading the entertainment section. George R.R. Martin says – “My mind is my weapon and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge”

2. Get of comfort zone – Often we are reluctant for change. The day one comes out of one’s comfort zone; they realize how much more there is to do in life. Every day, push yourself a little further. Meet new people, explore different areas and join clubs that interest you

3. Hangout with new people- Try to talk to at least one new person or discuss a new topic. Try not to boast about yourself but keep your eyes and ears open. Talking to smart people not only increases your IQ but also makes you feel more learned.

4. Work out – Go for a walk or a run or swim. Exercise stimulates your mind. Physical activity helps you to get broader perspective of difficult situations and makes your healthier.

5. Write and follow up – It is a high-quality habit to write what you learn. Write a blog about issues or incidents you faced or have a note installed on your phone. Often we end up forgetting the questions that we asked. Ensure to follow up answers for your questions.

6. Talk to your self – it is a superior idea to talk to yourself and question how things could be done differently. Reading editorials helps you in evaluating situations. Sitting in silence helps, you get inspiration.

7. Use interesting Apps on phone – Play mind games like Chess, Sudoku, 2048, and Doors. Work on improving your vocabulary by installing scrabble, word-of-the-day app or languages app. Stay healthy by downloading apps related to health.

Effectively utilize the resources available for good things.

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