How to apply for students’ visa

How to apply for students’ visa

How To Apply For Students’ Visa. Applying early for visa is the best decision you will make to evade unnecessary hold-ups.

Applying early for visa is the best decision you will make to evade unnecessary hold-ups.

Planning in advance helps you save time, energy and resources thus making your visa application process less taxing.

From experience we have seen that most students apply between May 20 and June 15, which is why we decided to share this piece of advice with you.

We've compiled answers to some of the most common questions asked by candidates to help give you a headstart on the process.

1. Deciding on the college you will be attending

After you get favourable decision from universities you have applied to, take a final call on which college you want to attend.

Once you receive your I-20, an official endorsement of your academic acceptance by the chosen university, you can apply for F-1 Visa.

2. 120 days before your programme commencement date

As part of US visa guidelines, visas cannot be issued more than 120 days before the programme start date indicated on your form I-20.

Usually, the FALL courses at most universities in the USA start in August-September and hence, you can apply anytime after April-May correspondingly.

Do note that some courses start in summer (June) and in such instances we do have people applying way early.

3. After thorough preparation of your financial documents

Part 7 of I-20 indicates the amount required to cover the first year's expenses. This may be on the higher side.

It includes not only tuition fees and living expenses, but also incidental expenses.

A solvency certificate issued by your bank to get your I-20 may not be sufficient to show to the visa officer.

Visa officers may want to look at annual family income plus the liquid assets of the sponsors to ensure that the student will be able to support her/his study and living needs in the US till her/his programme ends.

If there is still a shortfall, you can apply for an education loan from a trustworthy bank. Also make sure not to deposit a large amount of money abruptly in your account as visa officers may smell a rat and question its source.

Once your financial documents are in place, you can proceed with the visa interview.


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