Oratory skills make good leaders

Oratory skills make good leaders

Participants in the 21st batch of Vaktha programme vowed to bring impact on society with their enhanced communication skills.

21st batch of Vaktha instils confidence in participants to become good public speakers

Hyderabad: Participants in the 21st batch of Vaktha programme vowed to bring impact on society with their enhanced communication skills. They discovered that body language and voice modulation bring more impact among the masses than words during the two-day training session on public speaking jointly organised by HMTV and Kaushalya School of Life Skills on December 20 and 21. D Bal Reddy, Director, Hyderabad Media House and lead faculty of the programme said public speaking was a skill which could only be sharpened by regular practice. He gave important tips and techniques related to public speaking and said greatest leaders in the world were ‘influencers’. He felt that some of these influencers had edge over others because of their oratory skills. “Most of the people around us are encyclopaedias, but they fail to express their ideas to others,” he lamented.

According to him, people neglect to hone their skills, but there are occasions in their lives which compel them to speak out. Therefore, to face such a situation, everyone should get prepared, lest they face failure. He said beautifully packaged goods attracted attention of people because of their ‘presentation’. Giving example of a pencil, he noted unless and until people were ready to take pains in improving themselves, they could not sharpen their minds.

“Mistakes should be removed with an eraser attached to it,” he said.

M E Azad, an expert in voice culture training explained important techniques in voice culture, voice modulation and the need for maintaining good voice for a good public speaker.

S Anand Parjanya, faculty of body language trained the participants on maintaining their posture while delivering speech and communicating at a public place.

While giving their feedback, Dr K Prasanna Rani felt the two-day training had completely changed her perception about an orator. She realised words were less effective when orator failed to present proper body language and voice. Dr R Ravi Sankar Reddy, a resident of Chittoor vowed to practice new techniques learnt during the training.

K Vidyaranya Som expressed confidence that he attained courage through the training process, which not only instilled confidence but also helped him turn into a good public speaker.

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