Put faith above your fears

Put faith above your fears

In our daily lives we need a dose of faith because we are full of doubt. We doubt other people, we doubt our circumstances and sadly we doubt...

In our daily lives we need a dose of faith because we are full of doubt. We doubt other people, we doubt our circumstances and sadly we doubt ourselves. It happens because we spend time visualizing problems instead of possibilities - we visualize ourselves facing difficult situations, we think about a gloomy future, we believe people around us will leave us stranded, we imagine facing a financial crunch, and sometimes we visualize ourselves suffering from health ailments. We even begin doubting our own skills and talents. We doubt the decisions we made in the past and the ones we would make in future.

It is just like having a glass filled with muddy water, where the glass represents our mind and muddy water represents our doubts. What if I take this glass and start pouring mineral water in it! You may say nothing will happen, but the color of the muddy water will start changing. And if I keep pouring clean water, the glass will become clear and soon it would only contain mineral water. The mineral water is Faith. When you have faith in everything you do, you will free yourself from all doubts and shine in your life. Faith will eliminate all your worries and stresses and inspire you to move forward even in the most difficult of times.

Sir Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase”. There would be moments in your life, where you would not be able to see your future, you will not know what will happen if you take a step in a new direction - how my destiny will unfold when I take up this job or where will I land up when I follow my dreams or what will happen when I propose to my loved one! Doubts will keep entering your mind. In such times have faith in yourself. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. When your belief exceeds your doubts, the world will begin to work for you and things will begin to happen.

Being in doubt is like being in no-man’s land, and being pulled apart from both sides. Convert your “May be” to “Hell YES!”, convert your “It’s difficult to..” to “a Big NO”, get certainty in your life by willing to decide your course. Listen to your gut if you have to, it will give you the right message because there are many things in life that can’t be explained by reason and logic and in such times let your inner voice be your decision maker. Once you decide, act with absolute Faith.

Once there was a village where there was no rain for years. The church requested everyone to pray for the village in the Sunday prayer session. On that day, the entire village came to the church with various objects including flowers, pens, hats, clothing, shoes etc. But there was one girl who got an umbrella with her. Everyone applauded her for her sign of faith. She had absolute faith that it would rain.

Can we all become that girl! Can we also expect the best in life? Can we start taking action with faith in ourselves? Can we start living with certainty instead of doubt? Yes we can! The human spirit inside us is stronger than anything else in this world. This spirit sees endless possibilities for its growth and expansion. It believes in itself, it affirms that everything happens for the good, it knows that no matter what the circumstance, it will rise above it, because the difficulty can’t grow but it can, with the power of Faith!

By:Nishit lal

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