Is there any bad job in the market?

Is there any bad job in the market?

If you are an un-employed software programmer, will you work in a data entry position?” It is a colossal waste of your skills, talent and training.

There is no such thing as a bad job. If there is one, it is the job that is not your cup of tea

Let us discuss in detail...

If you are an un-employed software programmer, will you work in a data entry position?” It is a colossal waste of your skills, talent and training.

When you're unemployed, you pick up a job you do not like just because you need one. That's how you change your mind set and think a given job is okay. Therefore, I suggest that you firstly set your career road map before you start it. Getting a job may not be difficult, but managing and growing in it is the real challenge.

If you're already working in a company and have realised that you're unhappy at work, you always think of quitting. Even if you want to quit, you will always find excuses and stay or postpone your quitting plans. Observe closely and you may understand what is really holding you back!

These are the some excuses I've listed out which you may feel are setbacks:

I think things get better over a period of time: My boss or colleague may quit, or that work load may decrease.

Such hopes make you to wait or postpone your plan of quitting the job. But in some cases, things might actually get worse.

I think if I leave the job, my team members or boss, who are not comfortable with me, may win.

Here it's not about winning or losing. This is your life, forget about theirs.

I am not a quitter

Take examples of those who dropped out of Stanford. There is no need to take old adages like "Winners never quit and quitters never win" seriously. It's not at all applicable here.

It may give my profile a bad image

Some people think that quitting may affect their next job search. It's not, in fact the longer you stay greater are your chances of getting de-motivated, losing energy or self-confidence. During the interview you can say that "I left because I had no potential for future growth in that company" or you can also say "I left it as I found the need to invest my career in a company whose mission matches with my passion". But before you say these, it is better to know the prospective employer's vision and mission.

If I quit, I may lose my status, recognition, facilities:

Yes, but you must ask yourself this: What's the price of staying in a job that makes you unhappy? If you calculate, then you'll definitely say this would be a costly affair. It may affect not only your professional life, but also your personal life.

What's the guarantee of getting a good job:

It shows your negative approach. You will find many great workplaces in every industry.

Every job will teach you some lessons and gain you some experience:

It may not be easy to digest your resignation after you invest your time and money to reach that stage. But if you do not leave, it may cost you more.

I may not get the same package elsewhere:

Again, it does not deserve any sympathy. Earning money and being unhappy is not a better choice. When you find a job that makes you happy, you will definitely improve your performance during your journey. It will definitely bring you success, promotions, and a higher salary.

Last but not least, many say my family totally depends on my earnings:

As mentioned earlier, staying in a bad environment will not only affect your professional life, but also your personal life. You will not be happy at home with your parents, spouse or children. You'll come home from office every day tired, stressed and frustrated. Thereby, it may lead to breakups in your relations with your family members.

I'm not saying it is an easy step to take. Yes, it's in fact one of the toughest decisions for anyone. You may come across excuses, but before you come to such conclusions, I suggest you think and identify what holds you to stay back.

So, before you join a company, check for their details on their website. Talk to their customers or employees and understand their culture and style of doing business and dealing with their employees. Ask, ask and ask to get more details and thereby clarity.

As mentioned earlier, "there is no bad job, the only bad job is being idle for long without any specific reason. Any job is a good job, if you've the caliber to make the things the way you want.

By:kamal pabba

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