For a career in fashion journalism

For a career in fashion journalism

For a career in fashion journalism.Fashion journalism is a fast paced career which is extremely glamorous but requires lot of hard work.

I want to pursue a career in fashion journalism. Could you guide me on how to become a fashion journalist? What are the required skill sets? Could you also share some tips on how to succeed in this career?

- Sulekha, Station road

Fashion journalism is a fast paced career which is extremely glamorous but requires lot of hard work. A fashion journalist can be a fashion writer, fashion critic or a fashion reporter. You can write fashion related features on clothing, accessories, etc for a fashion magazine or a column in the news paper. You can also write fashion related reports for television or an online fashion magazine, websites and blogs.

The work of a fashion journalist is varied. The typical day of a fashion journalist would include writing and/or editing stories, dealing with photographers,’ designers, public relations specialists,

coordinating and helping a fashion shoot.

Fashion journalists are either employed full-time by a publication or are employed on a freelance basis. If articles are written on a freelance basis, work might not be steady.

You need a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, Mass Communication or any fashion related field.

Journalism experience.

Knowledge about fashion industry.

Required skill set:

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Good Interpersonal skills.

Computer skills such as Microsoft Office.

Online and social net working skills such as familiarity with social media, blogging and online publishing.

Last but not the least, flexibility to work for long and irregular hours.

Tips to succeed in this field:

Fashion journalism is a competitive field and therefore along with qualifications, you need to gain as much experience as possible, as early as from your college years.

You can start writing for any of the fashion column for the local newspaper or your college journal or the college newspaper.

Try to gain some practical experience by doing an internship in an online publishing organisation so you get ample knowledge on different aspects of the publishing industry; be it marketing, editorial or the production department.

Do an internship in any of the fashion houses if you get a chance.You can start by freelancing for fashion based publications. Make an effort to build a network with designers, stylists, fashion photographers or public relations professionals and get fashion breaking news or tips regarding the emerging fashion trends. Keep attending fashion shows and studying designer and celebrity fashions.

Create a fashion blog, post articles by trying out varied styles and tone and develop a distinctive approach that could appeal to the editors. Once you manage publishing a few articles, you can then use them to create portfolios and promote your talent and knowledge of the fashion industry.

Always keep yourself updated regarding textiles, designers, new technologies and accessories as the fashion industry is an ever changing industry.

Keep conducting research on the industry and get interviews with designers to acquire sufficient information regarding this field.Read fashion magazines, blogs, trade publications and find out what’s happening in stores around the world.

- All the best!

By Shaira Bhanu

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