Rooting For the good old model paper

Rooting For the good old model paper

Exams are round the corner and every primary, intermediate and degree student has geared up for the final frontier. Whether it’s group studies or...

Exams are round the corner and every primary, intermediate and degree student has geared up for the final frontier. Whether it’s group studies or special classes, students are leaving no stone unturned to bolster their knowledge base.

While tech-savvy students have taken to the internet and gadgets to study, others have continued to take refuge in model papers. But has the power of technology overtaken the simple hard bound or does the latter still find its way to the study table? Student would previously throng book stores and grab latest model papers for preparations.

Although there is no denying that students still buy them, a few have begun to exploit technology to better brace for their exams. J Rahul a Class X student says “Computers and internet are integral parts of a student’s life today. There is lot of information a student can acquire at the click of a button.

The best part is that most of the information on the internet is free. With internet being cheap these days, I prefer to study using the computer.” Abhilash Pukella, a Class XII student from Bhavans Aurobindo Jr College, believes that the internet has opened new avenues in all walks of life but states that too much technology is also risky as there are high possibilities of getting distracted while using the internet.

“While I prefer preparing from the internet which has a lot of information and content, I prioritise to prepare from a model paper. It is easier for us as we can carry our guides and papers where ever we want. Also to sit for hours and browse the internet is really stressing. I have more focus when I study with a printed set of papers,” he shares.

Aniketh Chandel studying in Class X of Valerian Grammar School explores the other available modes apart from the internet or a regular model paper. “Many regional and English newspapers publish the exact model questions given by the SSC/SCERT board for the exams. Therefore I look forward to practicing and following the model papers published in the newspaper. Internet no doubt is loaded with information and content. But not all the students have access to it.

I guess newspapers are also a great source for model papers,” he says. With technology evolving by the day, students rely on internet for their projects and other academic related works. “It is a known fact that young children are always hooked to technology. Students these days take to the internet to complete their classwork or projects. They even prefer to study online.

Nowadays, schools too provide all the study material and model papers to students. So the internet is an added advantage for students,” says Karuna Reddy, principal, English Union School. Sunil Kumar, administrator and accountant, Spectrum Books, opines that hard bound model papers are here to stay.

People still prefer reading from them rather than using the internet. “Yes, students do use the internet for studying but many of them still favour books. Our sales have not declined in the recent past,” Kumar shares. There are quite a few students who are inclined towards technology and are fascinated by it. However, some prefer make the best use of both the worlds and derive maximum from them.

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