Oh my word Sic, Sick

Oh my word Sic, Sick

I now your wrong (sic) and I tell you so so that you know (sic). She texted him: “I coming twomarrow you be their at railway stashun (sic).” In the...

He wrote: “I now your wrong (sic) and I tell you so so that you know (sic). She texted him: “I coming twomarrow you be their at railway stashun (sic).” In the above two sentences when ‘sic’ is used, it means that is what the person has told, that is what the other person had written. By using sic, the writer is informing the reader that the sentence construction may be incorrect, the spelling of the words may be incorrect but I am not correcting them but transcribing them as they had expressed: not I. You may come across sometimes in newspapers’ quotes in news item wherein the reporter may add ‘sic’ in the quote.

It means that’s how the other person had said, and I am aware that the spelling is wrong. Sic is in prose when quoting a factual error, solecism or typo to point out to the mistake. When a quote is quoted without editing or as such told by the person it is called Sic. It could mean that it is not my fault but the other person’s i.e the erroneous word or archaic spelling or ungrammatical sentence. Sic could also be used derisively in order to point the person’s mistake.

Sic is a Latin adverb meaning thus; in full – sic erat scriptum – thus it was written. Sic is normally placed in the brackets. “This is reply (sic) to BBC for making Video on Rape cases in other countries when they are them self (sic) at the 5th place in World’s Rape List (sic), to remind them Daughter is Daughter, She is not Indian or British & we have the same pain for British too.” -Harvinder Singh in a video riposte to Leslee Udwin the maker of the documentary India’s Daughter

After visiting the doctor, he texted: “Dokter told me drink only kow milk (sic)”. Sick: There is no one above sickness. He or she is likely to be sick for one or the other reason, And, we have doctors to treat sickly people. We know we all fall sick at one or the other time. Sick means physically or mentally unwell. India is yet to wake up to the needs of mentally sick. Sick is an adjective (sicker, sickest). Sickly means ill, unhealthy, expressing unhappiness. Its derivatives are sicklier, sickliest. Sickness is a noun: meaning illness. Some feel sick of seeing too many sic words in a text. Sic and sick are pronounced as ‘sik’.

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