HR wisdom from the Kangaroo reproduction

HR wisdom from the Kangaroo reproduction

HR Wisdom From The Kangaroo Reproduction. Wise preparedness and best preparations are inevitable for success in every walks of life and more so in...

Wise preparedness and best preparations are inevitable for success in every walks of life and more so in corporate world where the market reality is quite volatile. Therefore the preparation for success should have two important dimension viz.,

1. To accomplish the present task
2. Get ready with future task

More often than not, the people in corporate get lost in the present task and its completion and seldom think or plan the future assignments until completion of the present one. Only after completing the present task, they started to plan/think about the future task. As a result of that, they create a huge gap between the present and the future. The people in corporate must realize that the future is nothing but the extension of the present and hence their preparations must encompass both the ‘present and future’.

May be to clarify all doubts of the corporate man about the planning and preparation, the nature would have created the marsupial animal – kangaroo.

Kangaroos follow a very unique reproductive biology. The female Kangaroos are known to have joeys in the marsupial pouch and simultaneously will have fetus in one uterus and eggs (ova) ready for fertilization in other uterus as the Kangaroos have two uteri and three vaginas. In a sense, the female kangaroos are permanently pregnant.

Look at the marvel of nature. Most of the animals produce offspring and get ready for the next set of young ones only after a small rest period. Whereas the Kangaroo never complete the present assignment and only then would get ready for the next. When they are engaged in one assignment, are ready for the next as well.

The corporate must learn the right management message from the above example of nature. Corporate must always plan well. Certainly plan to complete the current task and also must be ready with newer plans like how a female kangaroo while nursing her joeys in the pouch, carry fetus in one uterus and release a new egg for fertilization in other uterus.

The reproductive uniqueness of Kangaroos should be taken only as an example. Definitely, the female kangaroos have two uteri and three vaginas and hence it is possible for them to be ‘permanently pregnant’. The message of nature is that how the corporate people should plan for success. When one engage seriously in one task, they should also get ready with newer tasks than waiting for the current one to be completed. Only then the time and resource can be ‘judiciously’ used. Only when the corporate has strong vision and passion, such planning is possible, otherwise they will just live for the day.

It is not, knowing but learning is important. Learn from the reproductive biology of Kangaroo and have your best management wisdom for success.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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