Women and their insecurities, sadly, go hand in hand and there are millions of reasons which force a woman to forget that true beauty comes from within and not from a mascara wand or blush brush

The charm and elegance of a woman is enough to speak of the spirit and the substance that she is made of. But somewhere we, women, are made to believe that the key to beauty lies in the bottom of our makeup bag. Getting judged on the appearance, mass media supporting those notions and the bigwigs making money by promoting the effects of their miraculous products; there are millions of reasons which force a woman to forget that true beauty comes from within and not from a mascara wand or blush brush.

Belonging to a narcissistic generation, there is one underlying emotions that influences our behavior- ‘our insecurities’. There are many conflicting messages on what constitutes the ideal look of a woman creating unrealistic standards for women regarding their physical appearances.

Speaking to The Hans India, Dr Madhuri TJ, MD (Derm), EDP- ISB Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Laser Surgeon Transform Skin & Cosmetic Clinics says, “Today a lot of emphasis is being given to one's looks and image. With an extended active professional and social life, it has become very important for a woman to keep a check on her looks. Hence, we get a lot of clients who come to pamper themselves but a slightly more number to hide their insecurities. Women are God’s most beautiful creation and can achieve anything. All we need is to believe in ourself.”

Another dermatologist Dr P Usha from Samanvi's Clinic says, “Women usually tend to pick on their shortcomings. How we look at ourselves is directly linked to our self esteem. In this era of physical perfection, it is sometimes hard to remember that beauty shines from within.”

Many dermatologists and beauticians these days are focusing on engaging their clients in embracing their shortcomings. Dr P Usha says, “We try to help our clients by changing their view by giving them confidence which reflects both in their personal and professional lives. Skin should be given utmost importance. A regular skin care regime comprises exfoliation, moisturising and usage of sunscreen should be followed. Beauty comes from a life which is well lived. One should always stay hydrated and eat healthy nutritious food as our skin reflects our internal health.”

Approximately 91 per cent of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. 
When women and girls experience poor body image, they often turn to dieting as a solution. There are numerous studies that cite the psychological connection between poor body image and dieting, and some studies are being published that detail the physical effects of dieting. 

In order to understand dieting and weight loss, it is important to have a good grasp of the possible mindset or intentions around it as well as the types of behaviors involved. We often think that being thin or slender brings health, happiness and success. However this is not necessarily true. The media plays a role in this perception, as it almost always ties success, acceptance and happiness with being thin and white.

“My advice to women would be to stop running after perfection as no such thing exists. You need not fit in a certain mould cast by society to be beautiful. Beauty stems from happiness and comes in all shapes and sizes. Never limit yourself because of others limited imagination,” suggests the dermatologist. 

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