Ace designer Rocky Star is excited to expand the reach of Indian fashion on an international podium one more time with his participation at London Fashion Week on Saturday.

He is set to showcase a collection titled "Maya" at the fashion gala that has started on Friday and will go on till September 19.

This is the fourth time the designer is participating at the London Fashion Week.

"With every season, I showcase at London Fashion Week, the excitement doesn't seem to lessen. With the fourth season of my showcase on the platform, I look forward to expand the reach of Indian fashion on an international podium," the designer told IANS.

"The world of fashion has recognized India as a country that not only understands high fashion but also contributes to creating trends. With showcases like these, we reiterate India's fashion standing in the international circuit.

Having said this, the pressure is enormous to not only live up to what is expected of me but to exceed and push boundaries," he added.

According to designer, "Maya" is the story of a woman, an undeniable force of nature; unbound, fierce and free.

The designer says that with every collection, his effort has been to represent Indian fashion aesthetic, internationally, through outfits that are globally relevant.

"Moreover, London is very close to my heart and the brand's designs have been loved and appreciated in the country. I look forward to expanding the brand's reach and retail internationally in the future," he said.

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