Ways to deal with intense craving

Ways to deal with intense craving

Ways To Deal With Intense Craving

New York: At some point of time, people wish to indulge in sinful food items and if you wish to reduce weight, you must learn to cope with food cravings.

Ways To Deal With Intense Craving
Here are some of the psychological ways to deal with intense cravings, reports huffingtonpost.com:

Think of a favourite activity:
When a craving hits, imagine yourself engaging in a favourite activity.
A study has found that replacing a donut in your mind with an image of a favourite activity like dancing, hiking or watching a movie and employing all your senses -- the shapes, sounds and colours associated with that activity -- may be an effective way to reduce the intensity of a craving.

Smell products with non-food odour:
A 2012 study found that smelling jasmine (a non-food odour) reduced chocolate cravings, so this suggests that smelling something that doesn't remind you of, or is similar to, food may help you reduce cravings, at least for chocolate.

Chew gum: According to a research, chewing gum for at least 45 minutes promotes fullness and significantly suppressed hunger, appetite and cravings for snacks.

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